What Made You Give Up Wood Floors And Choose Bamboo Floors?

Both wooden floors and bamboo floors have their own advantages. Sometimes a complete project may need to be used so that it is complete enough. Of course, in terms of price alone, solid wood floors are more expensive. It is understandable that (there is an additional charge for money) depending on personal preference. Returning to the topic, when we choose whether to use wooden floors or bamboo floors, we can combine the following points:

1. Growth life The growth life of the wood is too long. Most trees take more than ten years to grow and reach the cutting standard. Therefore, from the perspective of its growth, the time is too long, and excessive cutting will also affect the environment. As for bamboo, its growth process can take 3-5 years to become bamboo. There is also a lot of Nanzhu in Hunan. Its bamboo reaches 5-8 years. In the end, the growth process of bamboo is faster, so I personally choose bamboo. floor.

2. The service life of the wood floor and bamboo floor with anti-corrosion performance has become equal in recent years. We know that teak, balau wood, pineapple lattice, and other wood have good decay resistance, but it is only resistant to decay. Good sex, no termite resistance. In the current bamboo floor production process, the bamboo raw materials are treated with anti-corrosion and mildew-proof. Therefore, the anti-corrosion performance of wood is actually similar to that of bamboo. We cannot preconceived that wood must be better, which will also mislead friends around us.

3. Compared with the price of wood floor, I believe everyone knows that the price of wood floor is higher than that of bamboo floor. I have not specifically learned about wood floors, and I think it should not be very high.Natural

Post time: Mar-10-2023