How To Deal With Bamboo Cutting Board For The First Time?

If the cutting board at home is just purchased, the cutting board should be cleaned and disinfected first. How should the bamboo cutting board used for the first time be cleaned?


1. The newly purchased bamboo cutting board has a layer of wax on the surface, which is mainly to look more beautiful and has the effect of moisture resistance. So after we buy it back, we must clean the surface.


2. First prepare a basin of water, pour salt into the water, stir well, then soak the cutting board in it for three or four hours, and finally take it out and put it in a cool place for ventilation.


3. Wait until it is dry, apply a layer of food oil on the surface, after fully moisturizing, and then dry it naturally, it can achieve the purpose of cleaning and maintenance, can prevent the bamboo cutting board from cracking, and can also remove the wax on the surface. , sour or odor can also be removed.


4. In addition to soaking in saltwater, the rice-washing water at home can also be cleaned with baking soda. In addition, when soaking, if the bamboo cutting board cannot be completely immersed in water, you can press some heavy objects on it.


Post time: Jan-10-2023