How To Choose Bamboo Flooring

How to choose bamboo flooring

1. Look at the appearance of bamboo flooring

When choosing a bamboo floor, you first need to check the appearance of the bamboo floor to see if the tone of the floor is uniform and consistent, allowing slight color differences that do not affect the decorative effect. Look at whether the paint surface is smooth, with bubbles and pitting.

2. Check the inner material of bamboo flooring

Check the material, first observe the cross section at both ends of the floor. If the structure is symmetrical and balanced, the floor can ensure stability. Then break the floor with your hands to see if it is easy to delamination, and check whether the floor layer and the interlayer glue are tightly bonded.

3. Check the accuracy of the tongue and groove

To test the accuracy of the bamboo floor’s tongue and groove, the method is to randomly select multiple plates, spread them on the plane, and perform the tongue and groove joint. If the joint is flat and strong, the overall structure of the bamboo floor is stable.

4. Choose a regular brand

Regular brands generally have a complete set of product information, including product standards, after-sales service and other information. Choose a formal enterprise with a certain scale, even if there is a problem, consumers are well documented. When buying bamboo flooring, you need to check the strength of the manufacturer. The quality of the bamboo flooring produced by the manufacturer with strong technical force, complete testing methods and high degree of mechanization is more guaranteed.


Post time: Dec-17-2022